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Freebase Art Collective is a platform established by a group of autodidactic artist in need of a safe space to exchange cultural currency and artistic liberation. 

Our "Prints with Purpose" campaign was developed to counter the defunding of creative arts in education. A portion of the proceeds from each print purchased will be donated directly to youth in disenfranchised communities. 

We developed a socially and environmentally sustainable method for production. All items have been chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Items that are environmentally and socially friendly because of the way they are formulated, sourced, manufactured, or packaged
  • Less wasteful and less toxic than mainstream products
  • Safe to humans, animals, and the environment
  • Uses materials which are relatively benign in their 'extraction' phase, such as: reused, recycled, renewable, organic, etc.



Contact us for more information or to get involved.